Images titles from left:  Ornamental pine (found image),   My tropical Christmas tree (found image).    Weeping pine (photo Guðrún Benónýsdóttir)



Two centrefolds of work or 4 pages (size 30cm x 20cm each)

Work in Endemi Art Magazine, Reykjavik


Centerfold I


Centerfold II



(Red text in image above)

Marcela: I was standing right at an entrance of a door in an unfamiliar place and I was looking up to the sky. I was thinking about something I always remember from my childhood, that those days I could see the stars much clearer then today. I knew the stars get faint by the lights from the city but then I was surprised, because there where lot of shiny stars. Jan was there with me and he asked me to look more closely to the stars..  in detail.. what was there to see. And I saw a constellation. Normally I don’t know or think so much about constellations, but this time it was different because the stars in the constellation where much brighter than the others. They where building a form, a deer. I continued looking and then the stars began to fall. I then understood that they where not at all stars but globes or balloons. I thought it was beautiful and then I saw there where bottles hanging from each balloon. And I knew they would have messages from different parts of the earth. I was very happy, it was wonderful to have messages from people from all over the world, but then I remembered the catastrophe happening in Japan, and I got very sad, because these messages could be sad too, catastrophes all over the world.
M: This is sort of a general dream. The first part is personal….I was happy reliving all the stars, memory from my childhood, but then all this suffering. Afterwards when I think about this dream it becomes little bit kitschy like …all this sense about other places or messages from the world and everything is going so bad.  What I really found interesting afterwards was all the possibilities, total absurdities or tiny little deviations from normal life

Marcela: I was in a place…a big one and I was looking at people… strangers, climbing a kitchen unit so they could pass to another room behind somewhere. I just calmly waited my turn, without any enthusiasm really or neither was I forced to do it, I just waited my turn.   When it was my turn I began to climb, and it was damn difficult, so I started to get worried. But then all of sudden I remembered I was in my dream, and I knew in dreams I could sometimes fly, so I began to fly and then the climbing problem was solved just like that. G. what was people doing in there? Eating...what kind of place was this?  M: We weren’t eating.  It was a big place …it wasn’t a home. The infrastructure was more like some kind of industrial place, normal…not very clean…not home of someone  I only saw this kitchen but had a notion of a bigger space somehow, the industrial space…I had a feeling that there were other people doing things somewhere close by. There where more people in this big place but I didn’t know what they where really doing M: It was a open kitchen…not like a kitchen room  I was there looking at people climbing... and I thought now it´s my turn, I have to do it too.  This was like a mountain or mountain climbing….it was high…you really had to climb it was not easy, things where piled up in a steep slope. The colour was blue…..Marin blue…light blue (like my pen) and also like silver or metal  G: what did you think about the colour? M: It was not a very special kitchen. It was easy to see it correspond to this place.  It was like normal…not new not so old neither, not very clean but still ok   G: How did you feel about this climbing? M: I knew I had to do it ….no choice ….it was not like going to the amusement park or anything. I was looking at how other people did it to understand how to do it myself…it looked difficult.  But then I had a moment when I thought, I’m in a dream.. I can fly and don’t have to climb   ........... and I flew G: Cheater….! M: I was flying like I was walking not like swimming   ….I was flying vertical position.  G: Did you move your feet.M: …yes I was flying walking ,. sliding my feet’s kind of.  The satisfaction was about that I could fly    …. G: So you were flying?  M: Behind me was the kitchen.  I was very glad and happy…and I didn't really think about the kitchen any more.  G: This is a feminist dream..hahaha…. M: I forgot everything…. I just liked to fly

Florian: I was at my parents' place, walking around. It didn't look that much bigger than normally, like buildings often do in dreams, though my parents' house is already very big. We were taking plants to the garden from the basement were they are stored over the winter. We were there, me and one of my parents, don't know really which one it was. My parents live still in this house, long after they've split up, but the house is deviated between them.
I was dragging the Christmas tree through the whole house from the back porch to put it by the side of the street. As I was doing so, the Christmas tree was falling apart. It had been lying on the porch the whole winter and was probably pretty wet too, which is when I noticed that the living room was flooded with water. I thought it had must have flooded from the water caught in the Christmas tree, I saw parts of it everywhere, pine needles, branches... So then I guess I started to argue, blaming my parents: "Why the fuck do we always have to do everything at once?" I was getting defensive about water and mess everywhere. My parents weren't angry – not saying anything really, they might not have even been around...
And then I woke up.

Did you clean up the mess…there?
No, I didn’t!